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Every geospatial solution can be just as unique as the problem it is trying to solve. Forte provides specialized software solutions to best address your business needs and objectives. From assessment to implementation we help you determine the best course of action when choosing software and processes to solve your geospatial problems. Forte has extensive experience with a variety of off the shelf geospatial software, in addition to creating custom geospatial applications. We can help you weed through all the geospatial applications and technologies out there to come up with the best custom approach to your business requirements.

Our technology partnerships with ESRI, Latitude Geomatics and Safe Software provide our clients with more options and software expertise. Forte Consulting has been an ESRI business partner since 2003 and we often utilize their ArcGIS software in many of our projects. We are also a member of the Latitude Geomatics Developer Network and have used GeoCortex in coordinate with the ArcGIS platform to create custom applications and workflows with ArcGIS techonology.

One product line we use to solve many geospatial problems are the products created by Safe Software. As a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of Safe’s products Forte utilizes the latest in Safe Software to support our custom applications. Further we are FME certified. With FME’s support for over 325 formats and advanced transformation tools, we can comprehensively combine data from almost any source into a unified structure to be used on its own or with other software and systems. We also offer a comprehensive range of FME-related consulting support and mentoring services to assist our clients in developing proficiency with this powerful suite of data manipulation tools. Forte provides the following products and services related to FME Safe Software.


  • FME Desktop
  • FME Desktop utilizes workspaces with an easy to use interface to manage and transform your data. FME Desktop supports hundreds of different data formats.
  • FME Server
  • FME Server allows you to schedule the workspaces you create on the Desktop to run automatically and concurrently with an easy to use interface.
  • FME Cloud
  • FME Cloud utilizes the extensibility of the Cloud with the automation and power of FME Server to handle multiple formats of complex spatial data, without the need for hardware.